The Hercules Dolly

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Simplicity at your service!

The panel carrier is a simple and revolutionary tool that allows the easy transportation of drywall boards, melamine, concrete, wood, glass, metal and MDF without difficulty by those who lack the size and strength to do it on their own. Lightweight and solid, it allows the user to achieve maximal results while exerting minimal effort. An indispensable tool for those working in construction and home renovation. With The Hercules Dolly ™ panel carrier you will save time, money and energy! Lifetime warranty. Tax and shipping included in US and Canada

Technical specifications:

Weight : 8.14 pounds / 3.7 Kg
Height : 26.5 inches / 68 cm
Width: 20 inches / 51 cm
Max. weight capacity : 150 pounds / 68 Kg
Max. board thickness : 1.75 inches