What Kinds of Problems Can I Encounter When Restoring an Older Home

Older homes can certainly be charming and charismatic. But while buying one and taking on a home restoration project can be very rewarding, be warned. It can turn into quite a job.
Even if you fancy yourself quite the home handyman and have already done lots of DIY jobs, older homes can open up a whole new world for you. Don’t despair, however, this is still something that you can do. Here are some of the more common issues and problems that can creep up on you during your home restoration.
Very Little Will Be Perfect
It’s absolutely doable to modernize an older home if you’re looking for modern walls, windows, and perfectly smooth floors in every room. However, if that's what you want, it may be easier to buy a newer home.
You'll Likely Find Unsafe Materials
Chances are your older home was built with some materials that wouldn't be used to build homes today. Asbestos in the walls and ceilings, as well as lead in the paint, are the two “old school” materials you'll likely encounter.
While it's not overly dangerous to live in a house with these materials, it's important to know that if you're going to disrupt them during your home restoration, this is when they could start giving off dangerous particles, leading to skin or respiratory issues. We know you’re eager to do this home restoration yourself, but this is one part you may want to get a professional in to assist you.
The Plumbing and Electrical May Not Be Up to Code
When it comes to anything plumbing and electrical, bring in the professionals to inspect your home.
Pipes that are old can become easily clogged and may also have rust damage, causing them to crack. A plumber can take a look to see if any or all of the pipes have been replaced and are up to standard.
Most old homes were built when electrical standards were lower, you may notice even the plugs are different. Your wiring could be old and this could lead to possible safety hazards. It’s best to get an electrician in to advise you on the wires. Be prepared to replace those plugs to keep up with your modern appliances.
You May Run Into Water Damage
Water damage is a big enemy when it comes to your home. It can rot the floors, walls and ceilings and cause some serious structural damage, develop into mold, and create an awfully nice environment for bugs and other unwanted critters to want to live in.
Take a good look at the floors, ceilings and around the sill plate for signs of water damage. Get to the root of the issue, fix what you need to, and ensure that water will not be able to enter in the future.
Other People May Have Done Repairs Before You
The older the home, the more likely people have tried to do their own home restoration projects before you. This may not be a bad thing if they’ve already gone in and fixed some or all of the above issues. However, it may not be a good thing either if they’ve renovated around the issues, therefore creating more issues for you.
Not Having The Right Tools
Not having the right tools is actually an issue you can run into when doing a home restoration project on any home — old or newAssemble your team of experts and figure out beforehand what you're going to work on and what tools and materials you need to complete your job.
While you're out, be sure to pick up a panel carrier from Hercules Dolly™ to help with carrying those heavy panels up and down the narrow stairs of older homes. You don’t want to damage your back or other muscles taking on this amazing home restoration project. Contact us today for more information on how you can get your Hercules Dolly™ panel carrier!

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