How To Stay Safe When You’re On The DIY Job

It doesn’t matter if you're a first time DIY-er or you've done most of your home improvement projects yourself, it's always important to stay safe. Here are a few things to remember before you pick up your hammer.
Wear Something Practical
You’re very likely to get dirty and may even rip or snag your clothing so don’t wear anything you’ll be sad about getting stained and ruined. Wear something comfortable and easy to move around in – but watch out for very baggy clothing and long sleeves. They might get caught up in equipment.
And don't forget to remove your jewellery and accessories. You don’t want to worry about watch straps or bracelets getting snagged while you’re working.
Don’t Forget Your Safety Goggles and Masks
The accessories you can wear include safety goggles and masks to protect your eyes and respiratory system from any particles – large or small. And if you're working with loud tools or long periods of noise, be sure to wear earplugs or hearing protection headphones.
If you have long hair, tie it back so it doesn’t get caught in any machinery or block your eyes while you're doing a task.
Check… Then Check Again
You may think you’re a pro and don’t need any guidance, but power tools come with safety instructions for a reason! Inspect your tools on a regular basis and make sure you're using the power settings and usage instructions properly. Keep blades and other cutting edges sharpened to the recommended specifications. dull tools are more likely to slip during use and cause damage to your work — or you! Double check to make sure all your equipment is turned off between use, especially if you're going to leave the room.
Always be aware of your surroundings as well. While you don’t necessarily have to be dramatic and yell “clear” before you use a nail gun, make sure you know what others in the room are up to and are out of the way so you don’t cause any injuries to others.
Keep Your Area Tidy
Leaving tools and extension cords lying around your workspace can be dangerous and frustrating. Not only is it hard to quickly find what you're looking for, they can cause tripping hazards or other obstacles for you or anyone else working with you.
Get Help
If you feel like a home improvement project is going to be too overwhelming for you, there’s no shame in hiring a professional handyman service. This is what they're there for – to free up your time and energy if it’s not something you're sure you can handle.
Even with smaller, faster projects that you can do yourself, sometimes you may need four hands to complete it. So instead of trying to incorporate your legs into the mix, ask for help from a family member or neighbour.
If you feel ready to tackle this home project yourself then go for it! But make sure you have the right equipment to help you out and prevent injuries. A sturdy ladder that's set up correctly will help to prevent any falls and strains, and a Hercules Dolly™ panel carrier will carry your flat panels and panes around as well as up and down stairs. You'll prevent any damage to your panels, but more importantly, your back or other muscles. Contact us today for more information and to order your Hercules Dolly™ and be sure to bookmark our blog to check back for more useful information on panel carriers, DIY projects, and exterior and interior remodeling ideas.

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