How To Make Sure You Find the Right Contractor

Choosing a contractor for a major home renovation project ranks up there with some of the hardest decisions you'll ever have to make. Perhaps second to naming your children and choosing what college to attend. This is a person who will be a large part of your life for several months and, let’s face it, will cost you a lot of money.
We’ve all heard those horror stories of contractors taking off in the middle of jobs. Not to mention, how many TV shows are devoted to cleaning up the messes contractors have left people with so we understand it’s a daunting task to choose. But deciding on a custom home builder early on helps you get your plans in place and ensures your project will go as smoothly as possible.
If you’re at a total loss as to where to find a contractor here are some tips you should start with:
Ask For Recommendations
Talk to friends and neighbors who have recently had major renovations done. If they used a contractor, see if they recommend (or DON’T recommend) the person they hired. It's especially helpful to ask people who have custom homes you admire and have the same work attitudes as you do. It's more likely their recommended contractor will fit with you.
Are They Qualified And Experienced?
It may be tempting to go with the contractor or general handyman service who offers you a steal of a deal but it's important to ask yourself why it's so cheap. In the end, it won't end up being such a good deal if they don’t have the proper licensing or training in what they're attempting to do.
Look for someone who has experience doing exactly what you are looking for. You may wish to look at different types of contractors depending on if you're doing kitchen renovations or looking to have an entire custom home built.
In most cities, you have the option to check a contractor's certifications, and if need be, their references, too.
Have All Your Questions Answered Before You Sign On
Although you're eager to get started, don’t jump into hiring a contractor too quickly. Be sure to make a list of questions, requirements, budgets and timelines first. Then, go over this list with any potential contractors. You want to address any hesitations you might have before committing yourself. It's natural to have to make some compromises along the way but make sure you discuss how they should be handled first before they start working.
Go With Your Gut
You like the contractors work and their references are immaculate, but something about them doesn’t sit well with you. It could be that you don’t like how abrupt they are or they take their time calling you back. It may be best to look for someone else. This is a person who you are entrusting your home with and who you'll be communicating with a lot over the next few months. You want to feel comfortable with your choice.
We Wish You Luck!
Vetting your contractor properly allows you to begin your journey as smooth as possible. Plus, you'll end up with an awesome new space you love.
Check back soon for more content on how your home renovation projects can be obtained safely and happily. And stay tuned for more information on our amazing panel carrier and how it can help you, the Hercules Dolly!

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