DIY Home Remodeling Ideas For Beginners

When it comes to building custom homes, we all have to start somewhere. If this is your first home or you never had the time, energy or guts to take on any general labor projects, your neighborhood handyman service has become your best friend. Now you’re looking for ideas to fix things up yourself that won’t cost you a lot of money or get you into any trouble.

Fix Up Your Cabinets
Are your kitchen (or even bathroom) cabinets hanging a little funny or looking a little sloppy? This is something you can easily fix with some new hinges or rolling latches. All you likely need is a screwdriver or drill and your new hardware.

When you’re done re-hanging them, take a look at the condition of your cabinets. Could they use some re-finishing, or new door handles or knobs? These are also inexpensive, relatively easy jobs you can do yourself and can usually be completed in a weekend or so.

Build Some Shelves
Is there a single room in your home which couldn’t use an extra shelf or two (or even three or four!)? While many custom homes have built-in or custom built shelving, you may not be able to do either as they can be quite costly. However, measuring and putting level brackets up on a wall to hold a nice wood shelf is pretty easy to do. Plus, it's a rewarding sight to see the finished product up on your walls.

Paint Your Front Door
The best way to jazz up your home is to paint your front door! Chances are it needs a fresh coat if you live in a part of the country that gets harsh winters. Plus, it’s fun to do. Repaint the same color to freshen it up a bit, or better still, choose a brighter color like red to make your home even more unique.

Build a Headboard
Now, this is a fun project! Headboards can be made out of almost anything you can find and can look any way you want. For those custom home builders, it also adds an extra personal touch to your bedroom(s). Reuse old fence boards or wooden pallets and cover them with any sort of material or paint. Make it any size or shape you want and have fun with it.

Install New Light Fixtures
A word of warning first: you should have at least a tiny bit of knowledge about electrical systems before you attempt this one. Installing a new row of lights to brighten your bathroom or putting a fancy new light in your dining room is quite easy and can really change up the room.

Freshen Up Your Windows
Much like your front door, your outside window frames could likely use a touch-up. However, if you're not willing to jump on a ladder and bust out the paint, focus on the indoors. Hang some new curtains or blinds or even build an upholstered window cornice box to add some new zing to your room.

New Tools!
One of the best parts of doing your own general labor and discovering your “inner handyman” is that you can pick up some new tools. A hammer, drill, screwdrivers, safety goggles, gloves, painting supplies — and don’t forget your Hercules Dolly panel carrier. When you're ready to create a custom home of your own, these are all things to have on hand so when you’re ready to build, you'll have everything you need to do it safely.

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